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When go-to wedding blog Borrowed & Blue decided to write a post about Napa wedding tips, who did they turn to? Little Blue Box of course! That’s because Little Blue Box Weddings has planned hundreds of wine country weddings, and we know how to make each one incredible. 

What did Borrowed & Blue have to say about Little Blue Box Weddings? Read an excerpt from the blog below:

Napa is a place that’s renowned for its rolling vineyards, incomparable backdrops, and its rich history and  character. All of these things make it a stunning place to get married, so it’s no wonder that so many brides, both local and destination, are drawn to host their weddings in Napa. However, it’s these same beauties and lovable quirks that can make planning a wedding here complicated. It’s unfortunate, but true — from confusing laws about where weddings can legally be hosted to run-ins with bad weather, there’s a lot to consider when mapping out the details of your dream wedding in Napa.

Thankfully, we knew exactly who to turn to to point brides-to-be like you in the right direction. Can you guess? Napa wedding planners of course! These professionals have an expansive knowledge of the intricacies that go into planning a wedding and are invaluable to have by your side during your journey to “I do.” Read on for oh-so-helpful tips the lead wedding planner from Little Blue Box Weddings had to share.

Hire A Napa Planner & Discover A Whole New Napa

Hiring local wedding planners is beneficial to you for many, many reasons. For starters, they’re there to help answer your questions and guide you in putting together your vision. On top of all that, they’re there to help you work out your budget and hire the right vendors for that budget and your style, not to mention to help you feel relaxed and utterly happy on your big day, too.

In Napa, however, your wedding planner is beneficial for yet another big reason. Nicol Turner, Lead Planner and Designer at Little Blue Box Weddings, explains: “You should definitely enlist the skills of a planner to help you find your perfect wine country wedding venue. There are dozens of unique and interesting places to say ‘I do’ here in the Napa Valley and over in Sonoma, as well. Some of them can be found online, but most of them can’t.”

Especially if you’re a destination bride, without a planner, you could be missing out on the perfect location for your wedding!

Do Everything Possible To Make Your Guests Comfortable

Outdoor weddings are tricky especially when your wedding day can turn out to be totally hot or cold. No matter how much someone loves you, they won’t appreciate having to endure either scenario while watching you say “I do.” So pay close attention to what Nicol Turner, Lead Planner and Designer at Little Blue Box Weddings, has to say: “Given that the majority of wedding ceremonies and a large percentage of receptions in wine country take place outdoors, you have to think about guest comfort and plan for that. Whether it’s parasols, heel covers, pashminas, heaters, etc., determine what your guests will need to be comfortable during your celebration and provide it. Doing so will ensure that your guests have the best time possible.”

Don’t Forget To Incorporate Your Personality Into The Decor

“From a design standpoint, if you are getting married at one of the more popular venues here in Napa, you should really try to style your wedding so that it does not look like all of the other weddings that have taken place at that venue,” suggests Lead Planner and Designer at Little Blue Box Weddings Nicol Turner. “You, in conjunction with your planner/designer, should think about big and small ways to integrate your styles, passions, interests, and personalities into the look AND feel of the wedding.”

We wholeheartedly agree — it’s your wedding day, so forget what’s trendy and make the celebration special to you, your story, and the personality you share as a couple!

What did we tell you? Napa Valley wedding planners are truly amazing resources to work with especially considering the sometimes challenging aspects of planning a wine country wedding.

Many thanks to the professionals at Little Blue Box Weddings for sharing a few of their best Napa wedding tips with us today!


And we want to thank Borrowed & Blue for asking for our input! 

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